Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reliving the 90's

Muse regular and local icon Drew Danburry has embarked on a video project with friends and fellow musicians that we are proud to be a part of. The project, called "Reliving the 90's" does just that: relives some of the most memorable songs of that decade. Each episode features a guest Provo musician and friends performing a song from the 90's at Muse Music. The songs are recorded in Muse's studio.

Episode 1 of "Reliving the 90's" debuted this month. It features singer/songwriter Katie Brandeburg singing a version of Lisa Loeb's "Stay". A new episode will be uploaded to the "Living The 90's" Youtube channel every month for the remainder of 2010.

For now, enjoy Episode 1, featuring Katie Brandeburg, with Drew Danburry, McKay Stevens (The Vibrant Sound, NightNight), Jordan Clark (Shady Chapel), Jake Haws (Adding Machines), Scott Robinson, & Gordon Barlow. Episode 1 was filmed by Eddie King and edited by Chris Duce: